David Cranor 

2011 Tangible Embeded and Embodied Interactions Madeira, Portugal

Pillow-Talk is a set of connected objects intended to assist in the capture and recall of digitally stored dreams and memories via natural and tangible interfaces.

Dream recall and muscle memory are intricately linked. Think of it as a sandbox; the more you move around, the more the image disappears. Dream diaries require sitting up, turning on the light if dark, and writing. Pillow-talk was designed to capture our dream recall through the least amount of movement possible.

It consists of two devices, one of which is a pillow embedded with a voice recorder that is activated upon joining together two conductive patches at the corner of the pillow.

After the dream is recorded into the pillow, the audio file is transmitted wirelessly to a jar containing shimmering LEDs to display the "capture" of a new memory, and electronics in the jar can playback the recordings through a small speaker under its lid when it is opened.

The recording is simultaneously saved as an audio file onto one's computer.