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David Cranor, Sofia Prado, Tyler Stevermer, Dalia Quiroa.

Thank you Cocolab, Oscar Velazquez. 

Plaza del Aguilita
Café Bagdad 
Casa Talavera
Andamio takes the ubiquitous scaffold and turns it into a networked, modular, playable structure. Woven out of plastic rope and electro-luminescent wire and outfitted with stretch sensors and small wireless connectivity modules, two mirroring structures are connected. Placed in two plazas, when children play in one, the mirroring one lights up, right at the places where children are at. 

Defying the need for a designated space for play, Andamio adjusts to any space.  It is built grounds-up (weave is simple enough for any skill level), uses light as a gathering beacon, and extends the hours of social communion into the night. Networked, it introduces the “other” as a play variable. Its flexible design taps into imaginative as well as motor play, appealing to all generations.