David Robert 

Ben Bloomberg 
Bryan Mayton

Animated Matters was a call to unite experimental animation enthusiasts through screenings, guest lectures and hands-on experimentation, animating diverse materials from sand to direct film and live action animation.

During its run, we were fortunate to have Ben Gaydos, Miwa Matreyek, William Kentridge and Michel Gondry (with Noam Chomsky) as guests, who shared with us their creative process through talks, workshops and performances.

Animated Matters Blog

Non-Things was a lecture and performance series created to bring artist, scholars and cultural practitioners to engage and share with the MIT community artistic practices and forms of inquiry.

We were honored to host a concert in the dark by Dawn of Midi, hear about the production of DAU, one of the most epic cinematographic projects ever realized from producer Susanne Marian, co-host Raul Cardenas from Toro-Lab, get lectured on creativity by Harvard professor of neurology and psychiatry Dr. Alice Flaherty and discuss journalism in Mexico with Alfredo Corchado.