MIT Media Lab
2015 ReThink Food

Sit for a meal and listen to its origin, processing, and preparation soundscape.

Silverware is outfitted with a small bone conductor transducer. When the utensil is placed in the mouth cavity or bitten, it turns your mouth/skull into a speaker. With the sound coming from within your head, nobody else can hear, leaving the gathering free from external interference. 


The reThink Food Annual Leadership Conference brings together a diverse group of thought leaders and innovators at the intersection of technology, behavior, design, and food. Our assembled speakers, experts, and provocateurs will spotlight areas of innovation all along the food industry’s chain of supply and demand—from agriculture to the consumer food experience—and offer solutions for rethinking the future of food amid radically changing food markets around the globe.
Continuing on the path set during the inaugural reThink Food event in 2014, the 2015 program will focus on three overlapping areas of discovery: trust, transparency, and trajectory. Keeping in mind the questions and issues that are crucial to the work of today’s chefs, foodservice operators, retailers, and innovators in all sectors of the food industry, sessions will examine the need to rebuild trust between the technology and food communities, the decisions that investors make when looking at innovative companies, the impact that personalized and digital healthcare will likely have on our food decisions, next-generation strategies that companies should use to communicate with their customers, and the role of robots in our food future—among other thought-provoking presentations and breakouts.