Rosana Montiel

2018 Mexico Ciudad Diseño: Futuro 

Mario Ballesteros, Pedro Ceñal, Alejandro Olávarri

Exhibition design
Escobedo Soliz + Eugenio Rebolleda

Exciters, water mirror, aluminum table, bird song recording
Oraculo, conceived with Rozana Montiel, was our response to the invitation to participate in Archivo Arquitectura y Diseño’s last instance of their three-part exhibit MXCD “Mexico City Design City: Past, Present, and Future.” Tasked with examining the relationship between Mexico City and design through reflection, research, and speculation, curator Mario Ballesteros came up with pairing 14 designers after Theo Crosby‘s legendary 1956 experimental exhibition This is Tomorrow.  

With the belief that good design goes beyond human-centeredness, Oraculo is a mirror, a fountain, a black hole, a wishing well. It speaks in bird song and vibrates to their frequency. 

A black water mirror is outfitted with exciters driven by local bird chirps whose peep is drowned by traffic. Their song becomes a cymatic pattern that breaks the garden's otherwise still reflection, making themselves ever so present and reminding us that this place is not only ours.