Playgrounds is designed to be a hybrid playscape in which children are invited to
co-design their own environment.  
We understand that interactivity is much more than sensors, screens and flashy lights, and pay great attention in avoiding presenting a child with a plaything and then take immediate steps to make sure to let her know how it is intended to be used.  Instead, we are guided by the following premisses:
  • children learn best when they follow their own interests
  • perception is the source of all learning
  • children learn best through activity
  • destruction is as important as construction
  • ethical and moral education come from love and trust, expressed in caring design
Playgrounds is divided into five distinctive areas: one drawing room with various “creation-stations” and four interactive ecosystems -  fancyful versions of a temperate forest, the sea, the desert and the jungle.

Upon arriving, you will be invited to draw a character of your own on the “creation-stations”. This character can then be uploaded and projected onto its respective ecosystem and become animated - you will be able to interact with it by playing on the sensor-loaded installations of your chosen environment.

Jumping on the stepping stones by the forest’s waterfall might make your froggy leap higher, but you might choose to spend your time sliding on the dessert dunes with your friends, chilling underwater amongst color-changing coral reefs.Maybe building bridges with new found friends to cross the forest’s river is your thing, or, if you prefer, you can just spend a while hiding a little nook  watching everything. Whatever your play flavor is, we have you covered!