I am a research-based designer, artist and educator.

From design research to workshops, conference talks, articles, product design and installations, my work sits at the intersection of human-computer interaction and the built environment where I investigates the relationships between technology, learning, play, and design. 

How do our physical surroundings shape our cognitive, social, intellectual, physical, perceptual, and emotional growth as we evolve and as technologies themselves are changing? What are the historical, social, political, and ecological forces framing design and how is design driving these?

My PhD project, Networked Playscapes, received an MIT-CONACYT Seed Fund, the Bill Mitchell ++ Fund, and an invitation to deploy her work in Mexico City as project lead for Ciudad Ludica at Laboratorio para la Ciudad. I was consecutively invited to hold residencies at Museo Tamayo and Archivo Diseño y Arquitectura.

After completing my studies, I worked as a designer at Studio Adrien Gardere in Paris and Cocolab in Mexico City and served as faculty at the School of Visual Arts Design for Social Innovation program and funded Super Market, a research-based design studio focused on play and technology. 

My work has been exhibited internationally at a wide range of venues, such as the Seoul Biennale of Architecture, the MIT Museum, Museo Tamayo, Museo del Banco de Mexico, Archivo Diseño y Arquitectura, CHI Interactive, SXSW, and Laboratorio Arte Alameda and my speaking engagements include Experience Fighters, AdWeek, EmTech and O’Reilly’s Solid conference. 

Prior to MIT, I studied Lighting and Scenic design at Calarts under Tony Award winner Donald Holder.  Awards include FONCA’s Jovenes Creadores and CONACYT’s study abroad scholarship. I am stubborn enough to become a green card holder and obtain EU residency. 

I keep one foot in my hometown. Mexico City and one in Brooklyn, NY. 



Networked Playscapes: redefining the playground
PhD dissertation
Readers: Ethan Zuckermann, Neri Oxman, Edith Ackerman

inside/out: tools for reflective, creative learning

Masters Thesis Readers: Sherry Turkle, Edith Ackerman, Mitch Resnick



Ars Elctronica:
Founding Lab Fall Term  

Linz, Austria
5 day workshop:
Robots, Machines and Tangibles 

With Nan Zhao and Ray LC

Moholy-Nagy University (MOME)

Budapest, Hungary
Fellow - Speculative Design

Ars Elctronica:
Founding Lab Forum

Linz, Austria
A collaborative effort between the Institute of Digital Sciences Austria (IDSA) and Ars Electronica to identify, develop, and present new areas, approaches, and formats that address the challenges of digital transformation. 

Tsinglan School

Dongguan, China
Summer Workshop -
Physical Computing 

Fab23: Buthan

Thimpu, Buthan
Designing Resilient Futures: International conference for
makers, educators, and innovators
providing vita transformation for the future.

Talk: Design
For Social Innovation

Toulouse Lautrec: Escuela de Diseño y Creatividad
Lima, Perú

Invited speaker for Game Challenge - Games for Social Innovation sponsored by the US Embassy in Perú


Invited speaker.  How design and technology can be a powerful force to reimagine and create a better everyday life that embraces both people and the planet.

World Urban Parks Congress 2022

Held virtually  
Women - Vision of the Future panel. 


Exhibition design:
The Design of Money -
with no intrinsic value, the design of money is tied to the creation of trust. How does a piece of printed paper turn into a medium of exchange with an assigned value to which we all subscribe?


Lead creative technologist for a world-class museum about money - our most widely used technology of trust. 

Invited to create a proposal to revitalize the green spaces of this architectural jewel by connecting its gardens through analog technology - with Pedro Cerisola and Pablo Kobayashi.

Designing a piece for this year´s Utopia themed festival to be installed in front of Palacio de Bellas Artes. With Pedro Cerisola.


OECD’s International Transport Forum

Developed Urania, a modular plaything with Pedro Cerisola during MEM Industrial.


Monterrey, NL Mexico
Learning Over Educating.
Invited alongside ORU to represent Mexico with The Big Equalizer, exploring the shift in perception of safety our built environment provides while undergoing an earthquake. 

Experience Fighters

Madrid, Spain
Speaker! - Designing for Play. 


Mexico City
Co-creative director for Playgrounds - a one of a kind immersive playscape.



Istanbul, TK
Invited speaker: Inside-out, tools for creative thinking:  levels and vehicles of thought. 

Desing H(ij)ack

Beijing, CN
Mentor leading an immersive workshop where  participants  create design projects that tackle real-world social and public conundrums.

Post-City Lab Ars Electronica

Seoul, SK 
3 day workshop for Hyunday reflecting on a possible future city (Seoul) and future citizens.
Spending a semester working at this world renowned museography studio. 

Listentree is part of the festival! Thank you slowimmediate for producing.

Design Week 
Mexico Ciudad Diseño: Futuro MXCD03

Mexico City
Developed Oráculo with Rozana Montiel

Connecting the Dots

Mexico City
Speaker at this international forum of creativity, art and digital culture curated by Carmen Salas.

World Urban Parks Congress

Mérida, MX
Invited speaker - Playground Design - Who gets to say what is play supposed to look like?  

Triciclo Exquisito is chosen to be featured in their publication. Co-machines obstruct, block traffic, change places, allowing new bodies to occupy and interact, inhabit, to construct- even if just for an instance a different world, a utopia, a dystopia- a vision of how the city might be, finding potentials in our urban landscape.


Invited by Carmen Salas to present Networked Playscapes at this major event dedicated to audiovisual art and digital culture.

MIT Media Lab

School of Architecture and Planning
Cambridge, MA
PhD Defense -
Networked Playscapes:
Redefining the Playground
Neri Oxman, Ethan Zuckerman, V. Michael Bove, Edith Ackerman. 


Noguchi’s Playscapes
Museo Tamayo

Mexico City
Thrilled to have inspired this exhibit after presenting my research on parks and playgrounds to the museum’s staff. 

Luz e Imaginación

Museo de la Ciudad
Mexico City
Invited to create an immersive piece on the lacustrine origins of Mexico City and its relationship to water. 

MIT Technology Review’s 
Innovator’s Under 35

Ecuador, Guatemala, Mexico
Invited speaker. 
Attending workshop Making Flying Spaces with NUMEN/for use.
Invited by Mario Ballesteros to develop Networked Playscapes under their wing. 

Museo Tamayo

Mexico City
Invited by the museum;s director, Juan Gaitán, to develop Networked Playscapes with Sala Educativa, under by Manuel Alcalá. 


Jóvenes Creadores

Museo de San Idelfonso
Mexico City
Group show of awardees! 

MIT School of Architecture and Planning

Cambridge, MA
Bill Mitchell ++ Fund awarded! 


Guadalajara, Mx
Networked Playscapes workshop

Laboratorio para la Ciudad + MIT Media Lab + IDEO

Mexico City

Solid Conference

San Francisco, CA
Keynote speaker


Tokyo, JP
Invited to Tokyo to present Listentree and collaborate on an installation for Ars Electronica. 


Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems
Seoul, SK
Listentree with Gershon Dublon 

MIT India Innitiative

Ahmedabad, IN 
Networked Playscapes workshop, researching how play is and has been ennacted in Ahmedabad public space and identifying spaces for intervention. 


MIT - Mexico 
MIT Mexico - CONACYT Seedfund granted for Networked Playscapes! Gediminas Urbonas, Edith Ackerman, Gabriella Gomez-Mont and V. Michael Bove - Thank You!